Pink Hatters

Have you seen any young ladies dressed in lavender clothing with beautiful pink hats? These women are all under the age of 50 and members of the Red Hat Society, they are referred to as "Pink Hatters" and/or "Ladies In Waiting."

Ladies waiting, for what? Pink Hatters are waiting to turn 50 years old to join in all the fun and silliness, and support of the Red Hatters. Did you know that The Red Hat Society is a social group for women over 50 who wear purple outfits and red hats. Pink and Red Hatters have a lot of fun playing dress up with their red hat jewelry, fancy hats, fluffy boas, pajamas, and clothing.

Pink Hatters are invited to a hilarious "Red-u-ation Ceremony" when they turn fifty years old. At this ceremony the Red Hatters wear lavender and pink as a tribute to the Pink Hatter. This is a pleasurable day for the Pink Hatter as the pink hat is removed from her head and is replaced by a red hat that symbolizes a new stage of her life. Sometimes the pink hat is passed on to a new lady in waiting.

So why would a woman want to be a Red Hatter? Well many ladies feel that they are to a point in life where they would like to have more fun and meet new people. The members dress up and meet regularly to go out to lunch, travel, attend conventions, etc. Women have earned the right to some fun after taking care of children, husbands, houses and working most of their lives. It’s also a great way to make new friends, especially for ladies who live alone.

It’s not unheard of for women to become a Pink Hatter in their twenties. They join in on the fun and anticipate the day they will become a Red Hatter. One twenty-something Pink Hatter went without electricity for three months just so she could afford to attend a Red Hat Convention located in Disneyland last year. She said that she loved it and would do it again too!

Red and Pink Hatting is a lot of fun. We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!