Is Your Hat Too Big?

If your hat is too big we have a few insider secrets for you...

If you are having a problem with your hat moving around or it is too big you can  adjust it so that it fits better.  Here is what we do along with many other Red Hat Ladies... 

Suggestion #1

Go to your local Wal-Mart or hardware store and buy a package of foam insulation/weather stripping (used for windows). 

It comes in different sizes, pick the size that seems most appropriate to how big your hat is.  The insulation has a sticky back that you will stick to the inside of your hat.

Just measure and cut the insulation to the inside diameter of your hat.  Then peal off the backing and apply the insulation to the inside base of your hat.  This will tighten up your hat and keep it from moving around.


Suggestion #2 (Submitted by a fellow Red Hatter)

Line the inside band with self stick velcro - make sure the soft side will be next to your head.


Suggestion #3 (Submitted by a fellow Red Hatter)

"I have a better solution than weather stripping to make a hat smaller.

It is red (or purple) sticky-backed felt that is available at JoAnn's Craft stores.

Works like a charm, and matches your hat, too! It comes in 8-1/2" X 11" sheets, so you cut off how much you need.

It also can be layered on for more depth, if needed. You can line the whole inside of the hat band, or just the front. Just depends on how you wish to do it!"